Serving those who serve

Uplifting our Veterans & their families

After the accident during his fourth deployment that led to the loss of both his legs and left hand, Carlos felt lost, lonely, and without hope. One Sunday he and his wife decided to visit a church despite of his worry about how others would react to his scars. Carlos was surprised by the love he felt from the brothers and sisters who welcomed him with a loving embrace. On that day Carlos had an encounter with Jesus. 

Only Jesus was able to heal what no doctor could, his internal wounds. His anger, confusion, and hopelessness, he took up to the cross. Carlos was able to find a new hope like none other he had experienced before.  

Touching Lives Leaving Print’s mission is to make Jesus accessible to everyone, especially our veterans, and their families.

what tLLP is doing

bringing hope to those who serve

Touching Lives Leaving Prints collaborates with organizations that advocate for our veterans to bring a message of hope and perseverance. Carlos Evans attends events, retreats, fundraisers, and other efforts to speak to our troops about overcoming lifes biggest obstacles.

Rosemarie Evans, Carlos’s wife, and nurse by profession connects with family members of veterans and provides a message of encouragement through the unique challenges military families face.  

Serve those who serve

Help us uplift our veterans and their families.